Creative design was an essential part of my childhood. But from the age of 17 at the latest, creativity became the defining force of my life. After completing an apprenticeship as a theater painter, I was given the opportunity to design sets for important performances at two of the most important theaters in the world, the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth and the Salzburg Festspielhaus. My life's dream seemed to have been achieved at a young age, when I became first painter in Salzburg. Nevertheless, I realized that life had much more exciting things to offer than what I had already achieved and I decided to travel intensively. The following almost 15 years I traveled the African continent, many countries in Asia, Central and North America. Zimbabwe became one of the most important destinations. After a 6 month journey through 12 countries of East and South Africa I got to know there the contemporary sculpture art of the Shona. Since then I lived in the country for about 3 months every year and established contacts with important local artists from whom I learned their way of sculpting. In the few months I was in Germany, I sold objects by these artists at fairs and markets and thus financed the life that meant so much to me in the meantime. However, the political situation in Zimbabwe made it impossible to live and work there. Everything I had focused on in the last years of my life was destroyed. Another complete new start was necessary. I began to devote myself more to the design of simple decorative objects and quickly found numerous buyers in stores and boutiques. But after a few successful years dedicated to the distribution of my objects, I felt again the desire for something new, had other plans and decided in 2002/3 to spend the summer season in Ibiza. Here, together with my partner Roman, I visited and supplied hippy markets and boutiques with my goods and finally it was clear to me that the Mediterranean life is what comes closest to my ideal way of life. In 2004 I moved permanently to Mallorca and since then I am living almost the whole year on the island, although in the first years I continued to spend the winter months traveling, especially in India. In Mallorca I have opened several stores and expanded my range to include fashion and jewelry. I have immense fun devoting myself to this exciting task together with Roman and my co-workers, but still find time in my studio in Son Serra de Marina to further my artistic development. I am always interested in exploring and discovering new things. This is how it has been in my life so far and this is what I understand by creativity. Never standing still, experimenting in life as in art, taking risks, failing, getting up and enjoying success. In this respect, I also see myself somewhat differently than many of my artist colleagues. I do not have an artistic focus and no typical handwriting by which one immediately recognizes my work. Many see this as a disadvantage, commercially this is certainly the case, but I simply can't help it. It is the attraction of the new that drives me again and again to create something completely different. This includes recently, for example, my mosaic works, the most important of which can be seen in my gallery Artambient in Artá / Mallorca. My latest project is the illustration of our website on which Roman regularly posts about what you can do to create a happy and content life for yourself.

Please be sure to read the following views of Albert Schweitzer about his life. I could not formulate my own idea of a successful life any better.

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